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Everyday is a new gift, an opening to make art,

and I don't intend to waste one moment.


What I've Been Up To

Here are some things I've been working on lately. Please enjoy.


We Can't Talk

18" x 12"

Digital Composite Image

Last Flight Home

10" x 13"

Digital Composite Image


120" x 48" x48"

Steel Kinetic Sculpture

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What I Do.

Dream . Think . Innovate . Design . Create . Relate . Inspire


Commisioned Pieces

If you have made a connection with the work you see and would like to have something specifically made for you use the CONTACT page to get in touch.


Commercial Art and Sculpture

I have created works and sculpture designed to enhance not only the inside of your space but also  the outside of your environment to achieve balance in your world aesthetic. Contact me  for more info.


Graphic Design

I can take care of all of your Graphic Design needs. From web design to Direct mailers to business stationary to specific marketing/ad campaigns.


Photography and Image Design

I have a very stylized vision when it comes to photography and image design.



I can help with most printing and banner  design and production. From start to finish we can get your printing needs taken care of.


Furniture and Lamp Design

I have a particular style in which I connect functionality with free form design so the person experiencing the use of the item becomes immersed in the attitude as well as the function of each piece.


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    Thank you for letting me share my work with you. If you have any questions or would like talk about something you need or like please feel free to contact me.


    Art & Design