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WHO & Why I AM


Eddie Von Röhrs

My work is an eclectic collection of what I call a sort of stream of consciousness type and style. I live in a world full of similarities and differences, verity and dissension, communality and variation, all of which brings out a character in my work which makes it unique and familiar at the same time. I would say I strive to be a well rounded artisan but in truth I am an artist who is always in flux flowing from one discipline into another. My desire to work in multiple disciplines serves me personally by allowing me to satiate a narrow attention span while giving me a depth in repertoire. All that to say, I love all forms of art (even if some of them don't love me back) so I create and explore in the hope that I can bring enjoyment to myself and anyone who comes in contact with my work. In my mind I think art which does not engage is like gourmet food placed under a glass dome where all can see it but never taste the skill and vigorous passion it took to make it.

 My Work

My work in Graphic Design has gained the attention of my peers in the field of design for its refined yet organic styling. Most of the commercial design work I do is for companies which want to set themselves apart by having a unique and characteristically different style. I want to design looking not only to the current needs of a company but also to the potential audience and attitude of the business. This practice makes my work effective in ways which others who may take less risk  can not tap into. My Photography work is also unique to me and often very stylized which will  pull patrons to it and make even the loudest detractors take a second look. My Music is an outlet of life experience and a search for God in everything I do. My Sculpture work reflects my interactive attitude with the world around me. My Furniture work brings my desire for interaction with my work and my patrons into a full circle allowing their love of art and need for functionality to meld into a harmonious balance. In all things I want to bring attention to the LOVE I receive but don't deserve by giving my work as an offering.

Love in Design

 Everyday being immersed in a world of design is a blessing and a curse. Looking at the designs of others gives inspiration, good or bad, everything influences. Making what I do important even if I am only an influence to another designer. I believe design can inspire those around us so I want to inspire love, hope and laughter.

Love in Life

My entire life I have felt what it is to be truly loved which has been a driving force in my life. I was born in Waco TX, then lived in Arizona, Wisconsin, Missouri and back to Texas. During all of these transitions the consistency was the presence and love of family. This all affected my style and the direction of my art. Letting me embrace the past and presence with a sure confidence, pushing them together to create my distinct style. Whether its graphic design, sculpture, photography, music or function based art, all of it is influenced by the love around me.


All for LOVE.


Love Forever

Having spent a good portion of life over looking the love and care of those around me, I found myself in a place where it seemed no love could reach me. It seemed like I was in a hopeless spot where I was driving away any hope of happiness. Then with no condemnation or judgment I felt the LOVE of God pull me out of the hole I was in. From there on His forever kind of love  has been a comfort and surety in my life and a reflection in my art.

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    Art & Design

    Thank you for letting me share my work with you. If you have any questions or would like talk about something you need or like please feel free to contact me.